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Children Playing in Bouncy Castle


Searchlight Care Services Ltd is an established company specialising in providing safe, structured, individualised residential care to young people who have experienced trauma, CSE, CCE, County Lines & DOLS.

To provide the best possible standard and quality of care to those young people referred to us by working closely with the young person, placing authorities, parents, and previous carers to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for the young person.

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Children Playing in Bouncy Castle


Is that young people who are referred to us:


  • are individuals with unique qualities.

  • should be safe, happy, and stimulated.

  • should be given opportunities to develop and achieve.

  • should enjoy dignity, freedom, and fun.

  • should have their physical and emotional health needs met.

Is to fulfil all these aims by being an organisation which:


  • listens to, values, and gives opportunities to its staff.

  • listens to, values, and respects the views of young people and their families

  • responds to the needs of young people and placing authorities.

  • monitors quality.

  • Celebrates success.

  • Strives continuously to achieve the best outcomes possible for each individual child.


Searchlight supports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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